How Can Do I Setup Fax on HP Printer?

Great! You found that your HP printer is capable of sending or receiving a fax, but before using this function, you'll need to complete the HP fax setup. The fax setup process requires a couple of simple steps, alongside performing some settings on your HP printer. Faxing is analogous to sending an email or postal mail, with a difference that it's considered the more robust and reliable way of communication. Using the quality landline telephone company, you'll found out a fax on the HP printer.
To make the method easy and quick, we've prepared this guide to hide the HP fax setup procedure. Many of the readers keep asking how do I found out a fax on an HP printer! After reading this know-how guide, you'll be ready to clear all of your doubts and found out the HP fax on your own. Before proceeding, confirm you've got installed HP Printer Assistant from setup on your computer and added your HP Printer within the Printer assistant application. 

 Here is How You Can Setup Fax On HP Printer

  1. Firstly, get a telephone cord and make sure the wire should have two wire leads (not four).
  2. Plug the cord at the back of your HP printer on 1-Line jack or slot.
  3. Connect another end to the phone wall socket.
  4. Load the paper in the feeder tray.
  5. To avoid the fax noise, you can connect one cord to the answering machine and another end to the 2-EXT jack at the back of your printer.
  6. Now, as per the Windows or Mac device, you can complete the fax setup procedure.

HP Fax Setup For Windows

If you own Windows, then follow the steps given below. Mac users should skip this section and proceed to the next.
  1. Open the HP Printer Assistant application on your Windows computer.
  2.  Now move the cursor to the top and click the Print, Scan & Fax tab.
  3. Select the Fax tab.
  4. Now click Fax Setup Wizard.
  5. Next, you will need to keep following the on-screen instructions to set up your printer to send or receive a fax.
  6. Now under the Fax Header, enter your name, business name, and phone number.
  7. You can confirm the correct fax setup by running the fax test.
  8. Click the Fax menu on your HP printer’s Control Panel.
  9. Choose Run Fax Test.
  10. After that, the report prints confirming the correct fax setup.

HP Fax Setup For Mac

  1. Turn on your Mac.
  2. Ensure that you have downloaded the Mac with full printer and fax software.
  3. If you have not installed the software, then visit the to get it.
  4. Now click Finder.
  5. Select Go and then click Applications.
  6. In the list of applications, locate and double-click the HP folder (It could appear with full name Hewlett-Packard).
  7. Now double-click HP Utility.
  8. Click Fax Settings and follow on-screen prompts to finish the fax setup process.
  9. Furthermore, you can fill the details in the Fax Header.
  10. Run the fax test to verify the correct HP fax setup.
  11. Click the Setup or Fax menu on the printer control panel.
  12. Choose the Fax Test Report and wait for your printer to deliver the report.
  13. If it says, Fax Test Successful means you can start sending or receiving the fax.

How do I Send a Fax After Completing HP Fax Setup?

  1. Load the paper in the printer feeder tray to get the fax report(if any).
  2. Put the document faced down on the top of the scanner lid.
  3. Align the document as per the guiding edges.
  4. Ensure the phone line is working but not in use.
  5. Dial the fax number (including area code) of the recipient using the keypad on your printer.
  6. Choose the option Black, Color, or Send to send the fax to the receiver.

How do I Receive a Fax After Completing HP Fax Setup?

Once you correctly found out the fax on your printer, it automatically becomes compatible to receive the fax. Further, you'll forward it to email, print, or save the received document on your computer.

To manually receive the fax, click the Fax button on the printer instrument panel whenever you receive the fax call. you'll also activate the auto mode to receive the fax after a specific number of rings. If your printer features a double-sided fax printing option, then activate it to print the fax on each side of the paper.

Need assistance? Dial HP Printer Support number

Hopefully, the article clears all of your doubts regarding the fax setup on your HP printer. you'll found out the HP fax service with Mac or Windows computer and begin sending or receiving. To assure the hassle-free faxing, confirm to update the printer software at a daily interval. All you would like to try to to is visit the 123 hp com setup website, enter the printer model, and install the newest software, including HP Printer Assistant. If you discover any trouble to line up the fax, then consider contacting the HP experts.

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